Vinyl Siding | Tyler, Mineola, Grand Saline, TX & Longview, TX

Vinyl Siding | Tyler, Mineola, Grand Saline, TX & Longview, TX

"The Finest Quality & Craftsmanship for Less The Price!"

East Texas Siding and Windows uses the finest material available. The vinyl siding we use comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. The siding we install is guaranteed not to peel, rot, blister, rust, flake, chip, crack, corrode or be consumed by termites. This is vital in the extreme temperatures that Tyler, Mineola, Grand Saline and Longview, TX experiences. Our siding has a U/V blocker to prevent against fading.

Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free. If, however, the siding should become dirty you may use a garden hose to spray it down or rely on Mother Nature to wash it off with a good rain.

Vinyl Siding, Replacement Windows and Metal Roofs add to your energy savings. Vinyl siding alone is installed with 1/4" foam insulation on the exterior of your wood and can save you upwards of 15%. If the consumer installs vinyl siding and replacement windows you could be looking at a 30% energy savings. In the end, that would be money back in your pockets!

There is a lifetime non-prorated warranty provided by the manufacturer that is automatically transferable. The warranty covers materials and replacement labor for the lifetime of the original purchase. There are no deductibles, fees or service charges for any repairs done under the warranty.

Structure® EPS Insulated Siding

Structure is a premium insulated siding bonded with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. It delivers superior strength, style and performance in a wide-style clapboard look.

  • Wind speed - rated up to 190 mph
  • Patented t3-lok™
  • Tornado-tough, double-thick, fold-over nail hem (d 4", d 4-1/2" dlap)
  • 5.0 Permeability rating
  • Backed by up to 1-1/4" of real insulation - adds up to r4 to a home's Wall system
  • Enhanced 3/4" panel projection
  • 300% More impact resistant and 200% more rigid than standard Vinyl siding
  • Duranyl 5000® protection system
  • Mastic hang-tough™ technology
  • Class 1(a) fire rating

Liberty Elite is the new generation of quality siding with rich, traditional wood grain texture and unparalleled performance.

  • Wind Speed - rated up to 165 MPH
  • premium .048 thickness
  • 1/2" panel projection (d 4")
  • 5/8" panel projection (d 5", d 5" dlap)
  • Mastic Hang-Tough™ Technology